Arctic Animals: A lesson in camouflage

I asked R3 to pick his favorite Arctic animals and he chose the arctic hare and the arctic fox.  Today, we learned so many fun facts about them and had a fun lesson in camouflage.

PicMonkey camouflage with text Collage

Exploration time in our Winter Sensory Bin.


We began with Arctic Hares

I then pulled all of our Arctic/Polar Animals books and found the pages relevant to Arctic Hares.


Informational books used:

Online resources used:

Facts we learned from our books and online:

  • Short ears to keep in as much warmth as possible
  • Fur is brown/grey in Summer and all white in Winter
  • Eat grass, shrubs, berries
  • Has 4-8 babies in a litter; born furry and eyes open
  • Two kinds of hares – Snowshoe hare and Arctic hare
  • Snowshoe hare live in forest and are a bit smaller.  Their fur is darker under the white.
  • Arctic hares are larger, live in the tundra and are solid white.  (Comparison found here at the bottom)

Spelling Activity

We used this Polar Lands pack from 2 Teaching Mommies to spell HARE.


We watched these fantastic Arctic hare videos

Silhouette Art project (idea from Preschool Crafts for Kids)

Materials used: white paint, sponge paintbrush, light blue paper, and the animal template from here

Process: Adult holds down animal template as child dabs white paint all around the edge to create a silhouette.



We then moved on to the Arctic Fox.

We spread all of our books out again finding facts on this arctic predator.


Informational books used:

Facts we learned:

  • Fur is brown in Summer and white in Winter
  • Eat arctic hare, snowshoe hare, rodents, birds, and lemmings
  • Short ears
  • Follow polar bears around and eat their leftovers
  • Babies born in a den in the summer.
  • Around 7 cubs born in a litter.
  • Both parents bring food they have hunted.

Online resources used:

Arctic Fox videos watched:

Spelling (from Polar Lands pack from 2 Teaching Mommies)


Art silhouette of Arctic Fox (idea from Preschool Crafts for Kids)



Prewriting (from Polar Lands pack at 2 Teaching Mommies)


Learning about Camouflage (idea from Gift of Curiosity)

We ended with a lesson in camouflage.  To better understand how camouflage really works, R3 pretended to be an arctic hare whose fur changes from grey/brown to white.

I covered him in a brown blanket for the summertime and a white blanket for winter to illustrate the color change and how it helps the animals hide.


Camouflage when animal is on the brown.  (aka: tundra after snow has melted)


Not so camouflage when set against a white background (aka: snow)



Camouflaged white on white (he’s in the bathtub)


Not so camouflaged white on brown


Animals that use camouflage in the arctic:

We used this page from Gift of Curiosity’s camouflage activity post.


R3 enjoyed sharing this lesson with his big brothers when they returned home.  We hope you enjoyed it as well.

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