Acorns and Squirrels

Today, we focused on the Fall theme of Acorns and Squirrels.

acorns and squirrels

We read two great picture books to begin our morning:

Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Dot and Jabber are two mouse detectives.  They are wondering how a little oak tree began growing so far away from the big oak tree.  They look for clues and discover the answer to their mystery revolves around a squirrel.  This is a cute story that R3 enjoyed a lot and has requested I reread it several times.

A Friend for All Seasons by Julia Hubery

A beautifully illustrated story of a raccoon and Old Father Oak.  Robbie the raccoon lives in Old Father’s Oak tree where he enjoys fun times with friends through the summer.  When Fall begins, though something happens that troubles Robbie deeply.  Old Father Oak is losing his leaves.  What does this mean?  This story is one of kindness towards others as well as understanding the changing seasons going on around us.

We played some fun math games, too.

Acorn Toss


I laid out numbers 11- 20 and had him toss a brown pom-pom.  Whichever number it landed on he had to tell me the name.

I found out after playing a round or two that he only knew numbers 10 and 11.  We then back tracked.  I said, “Let’s put these in order.  Start with 10.”


Then we played Acorn Bowling.


He bowled his ‘acorn’ until a number card fell over.  He then read the card to me.  Having them lined up in order helped tremendously.

We read two acorn rhymes using 5 pom poms for acorns and our felt tree:

acorn rhymes

“Down around the Corner by the big oak tree” (from Story Time Secrets)

We watched two squirrel videos:

Playing Squirrels to instrumental music in background

Squirrel eating a nut in a tree

Labeling Squirrel Body parts

We labeled squirrel body parts using this page from Homeschool Share.


We played “Match my Sound” game using this acorn do-a-dot marker page from 3 Dinosaurs.

I would say a letter sound and ask him to find them matching letter.  He then would tell me a word that begins with that sound.



Acorn Play! (A whole post devoted to fun with acorns)

Check out more Acorn and Squirrel fun on our Fall Pinterest board.

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