Lap Learning Lesson – L is for ladybugs and lions

Exploration time:

L Sensory Bin


ladybug counters




cloth L and other plastic L’s


We read The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle


We talked about each animal and did the actions much like this post here.

Math play time

We played with our ladybug counters.


(spray painted red and on one side painted to look like a lady bug)

Early Probability

We held 10 counters in our hands and tossed them up.  We then counted how many landed on red and how many landed like lady bugs.  After doing this several times we discovered 3 with 7 and 6 with 4 or the most common combinations.


Ladybug visual discrimination activity (idea here)

I gave R3 card 3 from  Making Learning Fun and a foam lady bug I made.  He was to match his lady bug to the one on the card.  He really enjoyed this.  Quite challenging at times.


Number game

I printed off this super cute leaf and numbers from The Measured Mom and gave R3 10 lady bug counters.  I laid down some and one more and he had to count and add them and dot that number red with his do-a-dot marker.


We watched this Lady bug Picnic video on YouTube.

We had edible ladybugs for a snack.


On the left I used raisins and a strawberry.  On the right I used one chocolate morsel and dollops of Nutella.


We read We’re Going on a Lion Hunt by David Axtell

GREAT book!  Go figure we’d like a Going on a Bear Hunt type of book.  :)  R3 said, immediately after reading it, “Read it again, I love it!”

Lion plate craft (idea from Pinterest, but can’t get to actual link)

R3 colored the small plate yellow, cut brown strips, and glued most of it on.


We enjoyed watching this music video called, “Roar Like a Lion!”  Cute song and movements.

For more L activities, check out our Pinterest board for letters J, K, and L.

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  1. Love all your Letter L — I like how you used the ladybug printable; thanks for linking back to me:) Great idea about matching the dots on the Making Learning Fun printable. I should try something like that.

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