Lap Learning Lesson – Ghosts (the friendly kind) and even a ghost HUNT

Today, R3 chose GHOSTS!

We made ghosts in all shapes and sizes.

He filled a small Gatorade bottle up with cotton balls and drew a face to make a

Water bottle Ghost (idea from here)

He drew a face on a milk jug to make a

Milk Jug Ghost (idea from here)

We wadded up toilet paper around one cotton ball to make a

Toilet Paper Ghost

Then we had to see if our Toilet Paper Ghost would FLY so he blew and blew.

He created a marvelous design out of shaving cream and a bit of white glue to make a

Shaving Cream Ghost (idea from here)

We painted his foot white, to make a

Painted Ghost (idea from here)

We even made a ghost you could eat!

Banana Ghost

Just a half of a banana with two chocolate chips for eyes.  (idea from here)

We also had fun putting numbered ghosts in order.

I cut out ghosts from white foam and numbered them 1 – 6.

I asked him to put them in order.

We did a listening activity with ghosts on a haunted house.  I would say, “put ghost number 6 on the door,” OR “put ghost number 2 on the large square window, ” and so on.

We played “I spy” with a collage of Halloween foam shapes.  “I spy 3 white ghosts.” and he would find them and pull them out.

But, our favorite part of the morning was definitely GOING ON A GHOST HUNT!

Have you read, We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt! by Marcia Vaughan?  Well it is a spin-off ghost version of the tale, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt.

We readied our house for a ghost hunt and then set off.

R3 is ready for the hunt with his Jack-o-lantern bucket, puppy and “flashlight” (drum stick); just like the kids in the book.

First, the SPOOKY SWAMP (aka: couch pillows)

Second, HAUNTED HOUSE (aka: any play house you can find around)


Fourth, SKELETON BONES (from Our bodies post)

And finally to a dark cave……….

He found the GHOST!  RUN!

Don’t forget to check out our Pinterest board for more Ghost activities.

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