Beautiful blue water beads

We’ve entered the water bead phenomenon.  Everywhere I look on the web you see posts about water beads.  So, we gave it a try…….

Yep, they are worth all the hoop-la.  Go out and buy some and explore.  My boys LOVE the feel.  They squish their feet in and pick them up with their fingers and smoosh.

They are such a pretty aqua blue color.  Ours are called “water gems” that we bought at Michael’s.  They can be found in the floral/wedding section of the store and come in a small package.  The beads are dehydrated and tiny, tiny.  You soak them in water for 6 – 7 hours and then they fill right out and are almost marble size but soft and squishy.

I soaked them in a shoe box size container and then let the boys play but that was not nearly big enough to really play, so I poured ours into an under the bed storage bin and keep them in the kitchen so the boys can go play any time they want.  I find them over there almost every day at least for a few minutes enjoying the feel.

We bought red too but the red dyes our fingers so it is not out for play just out for show and just looks pretty in the sunlight.

We need to get another color along with the blue and try out the clear ones too but for now we are all about beautiful blue ones.

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