We’re going to the zoo….

R2 and R3 love animals!

(This is R2 in front of one of his absolute favorite animals; a baby giraffe)

The boys’ grandparents purchased them zoo/aquarium passes for the year and we have been using them a ton.  We love to go to the zoo and stay for as long as we want and come home and know we’ll go back again very soon. Along with going to the zoo, here are other fun zoo activities we have done alongside our visits.

A variety of Zoo graphs found here that you can print and complete.

Here’s a fun Zoo song to sing: (from here)

Make your own zoo map here

Let’s build a zoo (idea here)

Played our Alphabet Animal cards from Curr Click which we sorted into “lives in the zoo” and “doesn’t”.

We LOVE to play I Can Do That Games Curious George Hide and Seek Zoo game. R3 especially loves to play and sometimes just he and Mommy play.  It is all about helping the animals and then suddenly during the game “the animals escape” and all players must hide.  This is fun to see him put on his animal mask and run to hide.  He loves wearing the masks all during the game; they are his favorite part.

We did several pages from this great, multi pack from 3 Dinosaurs.


Cutting practice

Adding animals

While R2 worked on these pages, R3 put together the zoo animals out of our Infantino peek-a-boo animal puzzles.

R2 moved on to some work out the Endangered Animals booklet from Brighter Vision.

Dot to dot Koala

Animal find and count

R3 colored this panda bear (he LOVES panda bears).

We got out our alphabet stamps and spelled zoo animals from 2 Teaching Mommies.

R3 stamped an M on his Monkey do a dot page also from 2 Teaching Mommies.

We put together and played with our Movin’ Monkeys gears set.

We gathered our zoo themed books and R2 picked for us to read, Goodnight, Gorilla.  Do yours love this book as much as mine?  Such a simple book but such fun.

We used our animal alphabet cards to sort the zoo animals into “plant eater” and “meat-eater”.  We googled each animal to find out what it eats and then put it in the correct group.

Then we got hungry so we made a fun zoo snack.

There’s an easy recipe in Alpha Bakery Children’s Cookbook titled “Elephant Ears”.  I set all the ingredients out and the boys went to grab stools to help Mommy.

R2 said, “Mommy I want to do it all.”  I was surprised by that because he usually helps if forced to help in the kitchen but today he was all about cooking.

And when we were finished, this is what we had.  YUM!

We then got distracted by our hunger and stopped to eat.  We never quite made it back to the zoo but there was SO MUCH MORE I had on the agenda.  I want to share the links with you.

For a Montessori zoo unit check out Living Montessori Now.

Animal family cards found at Montessori for Everyone.

Animal riddles at Homeschool Share.

Zoo ideas for Kindergarten at The K Crew.

Zoo activities at Alphabet – Soup.

For tracing animal pages,picture cards, and mazes at Kidsparkz.

Animal dot to dots at Busy Bee Kids.

A cute clothes pin giraffe craft at Parents.

Misc zoo printables at Busy Bee Kids Crafts.

And tomorrow we are headed to the zoo with R1’s Kindergarten class.  We can’t wait!

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