Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope your Valentine’s day brought you many smiles!  I know mine did.




(sugar cookie version – Daily Nibbles)


Here’s how we celebrated the day:

Accordion fold and cut hearts – I prefolded a sheet of red construction paper like an accordion and drew half hearts on the folds at random spots.  R2 then cut along the lines and opened up the paper to find he’d cut out a heart.  The end result was fun for him, the process not so much.

Pinching flower petals –  This was a new skill for R3 and was quite difficult.  We’ll keep working.

Candy heart patterning – R2 worked on completing each pattern using candy hearts.  (Template for patterns found at PreKinders)

Counting hearts – I read the number for R3 and he counted out that many candy hearts and placed them on the right heart.

Sweethearts game – R3 and I played this game

Sweetheart candy graph – R2 graphed while R3 and I played our board game (graph found here).

Prewriting (page from 2 Teaching Mommies unit)

Which number is bigger? – R2 and I rolled a die and he would put the bigger number on the bigger heart’s square and the smaller on the smaller one.  He did great and this was very easy for him.  He has already learned counting on and this is a precursor skill to that. (template found at TPT)

Storytime – We read, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!  by Laura Numeroff.  What a sweet story about the love of friends.

Poetry reading – R2 and I read this wonderful poem a friend wrote on chart paper many years ago and it’s just perfect for us.

Hugs and Kisses

by  Linda Michelle Baron

Hugs and hugs and kisses…..

Doesn’t she know that I’m a boy?

Hugs and hugs and kisses…..

I’m not some cuddly toy.

Hugs and hugs and kisses……

Boys should be treated rough.

Hugs and hugs and kisses…….

These muscles show I’m tough.

Hugs and hugs and kisses……

Makes me want to run and hide.

I can’t show the world how warm

Her hugs and hugs and kisses

Makes me feel inside.

R2 read the “Hugs and hugs and kisses” lines and I read the rest.  He loved reading it!

Rhyming – When we finished reading R2 and I thought of all the words we could that rhymed with HUG.

Numerical order – We moved back to math and I gave R2 this page with scrambled numbers to 100.  I cut them apart, gave him my 100s number chart and had him match the numbers.

Glue numbers – Then R2 glued the numbers in order on the squares.  (I realize it says, “greatest to least” but I just crossed that out.  That wasn’t the skill I wanted to work on.)

Word work – I gave R2 one sheet of beginning letters and one sheet of the word families and had him match them up to make words. (pages from TPT)

Heart hunt – We ended our morning with “an oldie but goodie”.  I hid two hearts for each boy to hunt.  R3 had two white hearts to find and R2 had two red ones.  They loved hunting!  I sang, “Jesus loves me” and it alerted them that I was ready for them to begin each search.

There are so many wonderful Valentine’s activities that I saw, here are just a few that we just didn’t have time for but would have loved to do with the boys.

Color in 100s chart to make a heart picture – LilCountryKindergarten

Popcorn heart bird feeder – Just Poppin’

Hearts movement game for preschoolers – Notimeforflashcards

Dump truck filled with hearts craft – Notimeforflashcards

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