Santa’s coming to town

My 2 year old is SO EXCITED that Santa is coming to town he an hardly stand it.  So today when we devoted a whole morning to the man in a red suit, he was thrilled and loved joining in on all the fun.

We started our morning with fun Santa pancakes.  This year I used Fruity Cheerios for the red hat.

A while back we wrote Santa letters and mailed them in Macy’s special Santa mailbox.  We used this template.

One of the first things I brought out were our Do-a-dot markers which all the boys love.  The two year old goes dot marker crazy so I have to rope him in a bit or each paper is soaked in marker dots.

R2 and R3 chose this page from Making Learning Fun.

R1 chose this numbered Santa from here.

R1 did this letter code coloring page found here.

R3 colored this picture of Santa

We used shapes to make a few different types of Santas.

R2 made one from a star.  I saw the idea here.  He loved adding the details that brought it “to life”.

He was very proud of his finished Santa.

I gave R1 three red triangles, one white triangle, two small circles (one white and one red), and a rectangle and asked him to make a Santa using those shapes.

He completed it and then glued it on paper and added a face. (Idea found here)

Then R3 had his own version of a shaped Santa.  (The idea was sparked from this post) I gave him a large red triangle, one large white rectangle, and a large white circle.  I laid them in front of him and showed him how to make them into a Santa hat.

I then jumbled them up and asked him to make the Santa hat again.  He did great and recreated it a few times before gluing it down on paper.

We listened to the song, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” here.  (I recommend just listening and not watching.  The Disney characters do not move and the grammar used in the lyrics is horrible, but it is a lively rendition and the boys did enjoy it a lot)

We made Santa hats to eat as our treat after lunch.  I used vanilla wafers and the boys dipped them in white chocolate.

Then rubbed them in red sprinkles and laid them on parchment paper to harden.   I drew a line of white chocolate on the rim using a toothpick.

I added facial features with a black decorator pen.  We then put mini white marshmallows by the hats for the white fuzzy ball on the end.  The boys liked them and I thought they were cute.

Other fun Santa hat treats are:

Bugles snack mix

Santa hat pretzels

Santa strawberry hats

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