Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Today was all about RUDOLPH!  Check out all our fun……..

A Reindeer Maze from 2 Teaching Mommies

A Reindeer song from here (scroll down a bit).  It’s to the tune of “5 Little Monkeys Jumpking on the Bed”.  The boys loved it and we sang it over and over.  Their favorite part was the end when Santa says, “Call Rudolph!”

We read a fun twist on a wonderful Eric Carle book, called One Very Hungry ReindeerPlaying with words 365 gives you the book and pictures to include.  R2 used his paper bag reindeer we made at storytime last week to act out the story.  He fed his puppet each “food”.

Then R3 helped me glue the pictures on each page to complete our book.

We sang and danced to  “The Reindeer Pokey” (scroll way down to Christmas section)

We made Rudolph door hangers using a kit from Hobby Lobby.

R3 (aka: Santa) sorted “Rudolph noses”

(small bowl for smallest pom poms, medium for medium pom poms, and large for large)

R3 completed this booklet from Musings of Me called, “Rudolph, Rudolph”. (This booklet is from last year and is no longer available on her site)

Then we finished up the morning with two games.  They LOVED both of them!

The first was “hunt Rudolph’s nose”.  I hid 6 large red pom poms and then sang, “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer” and they came running to hunt them.  We played for at least 20 minutes non stop.  How they love to hunt things, anything, just make it a hide and seek game and they are all for it.

Our last game was this printable and is called “Don’t eat……”

I used Fruity Cheerios as the “treat”.  I didn’t know how well it would go over but again they played this so many times I lost count.

We then ate our lunch and I couldn’t help making very simple reindeer sandwiches.  Bread cut into a triangle, raisin eyes, a red Fruity Cheerio for the nose, and strips of the crust for antlers.

And if you want a dessert kind of treat, here are some edible reindeer noses.  They look delicious!

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