Lap learning lesson – Vroom, beep, chug…….all kinds of transportation

R2 and R3 LOVE vehicles…..BIG and small!

R3 “reading” this week’s book.

Off go their Engines, Off go their Lights by Janice Milusich was our inspiration this week.  The illustrations are fantastic and the reason R2 picked it up in the first place at the library.  The illustrator is David Gordon who has illustrated several other vehicle story books.   The text is a bit wordy in parts but we like the repetition when each vehicle goes to sleep for the night.

There is SO MUCH out in the blog world for vehicle studies that this doesn’t even scratch the surface.  It took us two days to work on these transportation activities and boy did we have fun!

We began by using the 3 part cards from here to match the picture to the label.  This was tricky for R2 but helped him to really focus on the letters in each word.

While he worked on that I had R3 on the floor working on colors.  I printed off “what color is the helicopter” from this pack and had him put each page on the matching construction paper.  This was really too high for him but we are trying to dabble in colors with him any way we can.

After checking R2’s matches I had him match the word cards to our actual vehicles.

I moved R3 up to work on zooming his helicopter on an “H” I printed from Making Learning Fun here.

R2 moved on to making a book.  We made this Big Machines book found here.

We worked on some handwriting pages from this pack.  I first had him trace his finger over the B found here.  As he zoomed I said, “straight line down, big belly on top, big belly on bottom.”

Starting with the big B really helped him gain confidence.  Then he was able to put pencil to paper.

He also worked on writing the first letter of each vehicle word.

Next R2 worked with bulldozers.  He colored them first by reading the color words.  (page found here)

As he was coloring he would say things like, “this one pushes water” (for the blue bulldozer), “this one pushes hot lava” (for the red one) and so one.   So, I took those words and we made a book using his color sentences.  He loves this book and is so proud of it.  It stays near his bed to read .

R2 made word puzzles using the same Homeschool Creations pack.  This was a great task for him and I hope to bring it out again.

We threw in some Team Umizoomi vehicle fun too.  Here are their super shape blueprint puzzles that each make a form of transportation.

We concentrated on tractors for a bit after seeing this post of her shape vehicles.  I made our own version by drawing the shapes and R2 cut them out and glued them on using the tractor picture from her printable to make his own.

As you can see, he’s quite proud of his “John Deere tractor”.

We also watched a cute video/song here called “Driving My Tractor”.  Both boys enjoyed it.

On to some outdoor play………..

They grabbed all their vehicles that they wanted to get wet and I grabbed two plastic dishes with a small amount of water in them and headed to the driveway.

First, they made tracks.  They put in one car at a time and zoomed it across the driveway to see what kind of tracks it made.

Second, a “car wash”.

Last, a “water park”.

This was all R2’s idea.  He wanted his cars to have fun blasting down a slide and after trying various ways with cardboard to make a slide that he liked, we decided our parking garage would work just fine.  We lifted it up on plastic bins which allowed gravity to help.  He loved it!

They played out for a long time but once they got too hot to stand it, we moved into the shade of the garage.  I saw this post on Notimeforflashcards and knew I wanted to try it with them.   For our “box city”, R2 chose a museum, pet store, and fire station.  Click on each location and it will send you to the coloring page I printed and R2 and R3 colored (the museum is actually called a monument on the coloring page but we decided it would work for a museum too). We cut them out and glued them to tissue boxes or small boxes and it worked great.

Then I added roads using the end roll from our local newspaper and marker for the dashes.

Here is a really cool box parking garage that would go great in a transportation themed day.

We ended our transportation fun with R3’s favorite song these days, “The Wheels on the Bus”.

R2 and R3 sure love their vehicles but they do have favorites.  Right now R2 loves motorcycles, garbage trucks, race cars, and monster trucks.  R3 loves motorcycles (“kycles”) , helicopters (“coppers”), and buses.  They are constantly spotting them for each other when we are out and about.  It’s so fun how they share this interest.

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  1. kris, this looks so fun! i must get our printer reconnected (esp. since it’s almost been a year since we moved!) and get some of these things for banjo. i think it would interest him. to my observation, he doesn’t really know how to trace. maybe a big letter with his finger would be easier. or maybe sand, right?
    anyway, looks great as always. thanks for sharing.

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