May you have a world of wishes on this St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My middle fella absolutely loves the color green.  His comment this morning at breakfast was, “I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day!”  Green is everywhere.  I enjoy this holiday just because it makes him so very happy.

We began our day with a yummy green breakfast:  green waffles cut into the shape of shamrocks and some green tinted milk with drops of peppermint inside.

Here are a few things we did to celebrate:

We read, Jamie O’Rourke and the Big Potato by Tomie dePaola.

We picked a card from these conversation cards.  I had each boy chose a card and read it off and then we discussed.  What a simple task but fun to hear their answers.  The best was dancing a jig.  We streamed Irish music from here (the site streams excerpts of tons of Irish songs).  We got up and danced a jig while listening.  I love seeing them dancing about and of course Mommy had to join in a bit too.

We actually did the fizz fun I mentioned in an earlier post.

And here is reason my blog is titled “get down and get your hands dirty” because I absolutely have hands-on learners.  Watch how this relatively mess free activity went from this:

to this:

yes those are his hands dumping baking soda INTO the green vinegar.  He found the explosion much better that way.

to this:

Yep, in his hand now.  Notice all the green liquid behind his hand.  That is from the eruptions in the cup and now he’s pinching the dropper into the liquid and squirting it in his hand.

We did more printables from Musings of Me.  Look at my good workers!

Here are other fantastic Patty’s Day fun that we just didn’t get to but maybe next year:


  1. Pipe cleaner leprechaun – here
  2. Paper plate leprechaun – here
  3. Pot of gold from paper plates – here
  4. Green gel discovery bottle – here
  5. An assortment of crafts – here
  6. Shamrock sun catcher – here


  1. Story of St. Patrick here using a story bag


  1. My Delicious Ambuiguity


  1. Little Wonders Days
  2. Musings of Me – school age
  3. The Mailbox


  1. Counting Coconuts
  2. My Delicious Ambuigity

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