Our first bit of Valentine’s

We’ve done a few Valentine’s activities here and there recently and we’d thought we’d share:

We’ve read, Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse by Laura Numeroff and for my “If you Give a” ….. series lover, this was a must read.  It’s short but super sweet and includes all his friends.

Product Details

We’ve played with cards using only the hearts.  First, we sorted them into their suits.  Then, we put the hearts in numerical order.  Next, we separated them by evens and odds (taking out the A,J,Q, and K cards).

Last, we tried to build cool card castles with them.  Now, don’t let anyone fool ‘ya that card building business is hard work.  R1 and I did get one to stand FINALLY after a long bout of patience.

The idea to play with cards came from this math post at No Time for Flashcards.

R3 had his chance to play in our February sensory bin.

He loved trying to figure out the scoop the best.  He worked and worked on trying to get the red dominoes out of the bin and onto the blue blanket.  Inside our bin this month you will find a lot of red; not all red but mostly.  I included a complete set of red dominoes, red-painted lima beans that look like lady bugs, red ladybug buttons, a long red ribbon, red laundry lids, red scoop, red/pink/white heart foam stickers, pink clothes pins, red container, red Legos, and red Mega Blocks.

I plan to pull this out again with the bigger fellas and have them do an “I spy” as seen on Counting Coconuts.  I think they would enjoy the hunt.

I have so many more Valentine’s ideas on the “to do” list.  Hopefully we’ll get to them sooner rather than later since Valentine’s is, after all , in less than a week.

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