Candy corn fun! 3 yr old style

Exploration time:  candy corn

Using our candy corn, we made designs, pretended they were race cars, and formed them into letters.

I saw this next activity and thought it would be right on target for R2.  It is a math grid game using candy corn as the manipulatives.  Link found here: I used egg cartons instead of ice trays because that is what I had.

Another wonderful math counting activity is here:

We ended our short morning, lots of errands to run today, with a candy corn craft.  I had R2 tear yellow, orange, and white paper.  This was a skill we have not worked on and will definitely work on again.  So important for those little fingers. He did get the hang of it after a while but more practice is needed.  I drew a large triangle on a piece of white paper and wrote the appropriate color words in the different sections.  Then I gave him a glue stick and had him glue and stick his paper scraps in place.  He did great and all of it was wonderful work for his fingers.

I have also seen this idea here:

A magnet candy corn on the same site:

For letter recognition practice there are these candy corn letters:

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