Just for Fun Halloween Crafts – 3 yr old style

We had a short, but fun morning together today.  Here are the crafts we made and more we didn’t have time for but look great all the same.

  1. Sponge painting pumpkins – We used a mesh (Pouf) bath sponge to mix red and yellow paint and made our pumpkin orange.  I then just let him freely paint on two papers as much as he liked.  
  2. Shaving cream and glue ghost – I saw this idea last year and did it again this year.  My boys love playing in shaving cream and as my 3 yr old said today, “Shaving cream is awesome!”  I mixed shaving cream and Elmer’s glue and had him paint however and wherever on some black construction paper. 
  3. Shape monster – I saw this idea here at House of Baby Piranha and thought they looked so fun.   This was great cutting practice for R2.  I asked him to pick out the colors for his monster.  Then I went through each face section and asked him what color and what shape did he want.  Then if it was a straight line I had him cut along the lines.  

Fun crafts we didn’t get to:

  1. Marble spider web and hand print spider at House of Baby Piranha
  2. Halloween paper toys;especially the paper banners at The Toy Maker
  3. Halloween prints  using Styrofoam at The Adventures of Bear 

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