Lap Learning Lessons – D is for Duck 3 yr old style

Exploration time:  water in small tub, duck bath toys, and an extra bowl

I took out a tub of water and his duck bath toys which included a duck sponge from his bath crayon set.  He could squeeze his duck sponge into the extra bowl to watch it drip (good fine motor skill practice – idea from Totally Tots).  The original post is at The Adventures of Bear.

To continue in our D study we went DIGGING FOR D’s in rice.  I pulled out  the rice container from yesterday’s lesson and buried three Ds and a few As and Cs.  He was instructed to dig for D’s.  When he found a D he was to put it on the side and if he found another letter he put it on the other side of his rice tub.  He loved this just like R1 did yesterday.  He did it over and over again.  He began hiding and digging completely on his own so many times I lost count.

On to the couch for some reading time together.  I love snuggling with this little guy and reading to him.  We read, Come On Daisy by  Jane Simmons and Off We Go! by Jane Yolen.  I opened up each book again and had him “read” to me.  This was a great way for me to see what he remembered.  After rereading Off We Go! he decided he would like to “act it out” so he pretended to be each animal as I read.  He loved this book!  This is a wonderful sing songy book filled with great rhymes and beautiful watercolor illustrations.

Then on to the computer to sing some songs.  I had planned to watch Allie sing her Duck song  but her songs aren’t working at this time.  So, we went to you tube and found these two D songs.

Cullen ABC’s “Five Little Ducks” song

Dee, Dee, Dee by Sesame Street

Then we moved on to dry erase boards and writing Ds.  I have not been focusing on handwriting with R2 because he is only 3 and I don’t feel he is ready.  I also know how frustrated he gets when trying a new skill.  But, he came home yesterday from preschool with a page on writing his name.  He had followed the dots of his teacher to write his first name.  So, I took that as time to start learning how to form the letters correctly.

We began this way; I drew a line and told him to draw a line.  Then I drew a circle and he drew a circle.  Got those two down (although he does do his circle backwards).  So, on to D’s.  I drew a D on the dry erase and as I was drawing I said, “straight line down and up to the top and a big belly”.  Then he was the “eraser” and erased my lines.  He liked being the eraser so we did this several times.

Then I had him attempt one.  In his second attempt he made a D.  Oh, I was so proud of him.  High fives all around!  (look at that little glimmer of a smile)

We just kept working on Ds and then I transitioned to Cs and As since we had already done those letters.  The key, for both my boys, when making an A is telling them, “go down the slide” and they will make their slanted lines correctly every time.  We didn’t bother with B for the time being.

We ended our D day with stamping the ducks all over a paper.  We used the duck sponge from earlier.

As an extension I would have liked to make “dirt” using Allie’s instructions at Notimeforflashcards but we didn’t have the time.

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