What’s working for me – Organization

I just (finally) finished the boys’ goal sheets I have been meaning to do for a week now.  I am pleased with how they turned out.  They are nothing spectacular but they are user-friendly and kid-friendly and that’s what I wanted.  I wanted to share them with you so you can see what’s working for us.

This site helped me a ton to get started.

1.  R1’s goal: “I want to learn how to write more words than just my name and my brothers’ names”

2.  Mommy’s goal:  “I want him to be able to write his capital and lowercase letters correctly”

Here’s what I created for my game lovin’ boy.

Each time we learn a new letter, he will spin a die four times.  Each time we will practice writing that letter using the method he landed on.  So, we will get four tries in practicing letter writing.  My hope for this is he will not bore of doing the same exact activities over and over every time we learn a letter.  My other hope is letter writing will be fun for him.

Another goal for me that goes along with handwriting is writing his Os correctly more times than not.  So, I made this:

Here’s how we will use it.  On the days we practice his Os, he will write an O in the first box.  If he does it correctly, he’ll stick a sticker on top of it.  When he fills in all the boxes with stickers, I think he’ll be on his way to forming Os correctly MOST of the time.

What else is working for me…….

1.  How I am organizing their “work” during the week.  Once our day is finished, if they’d like to keep their work out to show Daddy or display on the fridge, we will.  If not we will place it in a 3 ring binder.  I have lots of paper protectors inserted into a large 3 ring binder that we will fill with all that we do during our day.  That way we can refer back to it as needed but it is not hanging on our fridge for months on end.  If they want something displayed, we will but only for a few weeks until we need to move it to the binder and make room for more “art/work”.  So far it is working well.  I have a binder for R1 and a binder for R2.

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