Lap Learning Lessons – colors and shapes 3 yr old style

Exploration time: buttons, tongs and a muffin tin

He sorted buttons into a muffin tin using tongs.  He enjoyed just transferring them for a while and then I had him sort by color and by button type.  He didn’t participate in that much.  I began thinking, “I wonder how well he knows his colors.  Maybe I should check.”  Thus began a color review.

First activity was a color hunt.  I went and got a sheet of construction paper for each color we were going to search for.  Then I made a sheet with each color listed on the left and then a large space to its right for tally marks.  I had him hold the color construction paper and I had the clipboard with marker and we set off to find matching colors.  We started with brown and chose to be in my bedroom.  He found the door, bed frame, dresser, and chair were all brown.  I made tally marks showing how many we found.  We moved on to red.  But, he wanted to switch with me.  He then did the “tally marks” as I found the objects.  Each time I found a matching object he’d say, “good job, Mommy”.  He liked being “the teacher.”  We did this for brown, red, purple, red, green, and blue.  He did great.  Absolutely knew his colors so now I knew he just had no interest in “performing” for me with the button sort.  We finished up this review with Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings.  It’s a great touch and feel book that incorporates colors and shapes.  As we were going through I began to ask him about various shapes.  He is unsure of what a square is, almost every time.  We finished exploring the book and went to the table to explore more shapes using marshmallows and toothpicks.  My boys LOVE this activity.  They love to build with the marshmallows and toothpicks.  So, I help R2 make a square.  “You need four toothpicks and four marshmallows.  Now use them to make a square.”  I did one first and then he tried to copy.  He wasn’t able to complete one so I finished it and said, “this is a square.  See four sides.”  Then I took one marshmallow away and one toothpick and said, “now it’s a triangle.”  I then went back to the square and added four more and made it into a rectangle and showed him.  After doing this I see, he definitely needs more review of shapes, especially squares.  He knows circles, ovals, and crescents without a doubt.  Triangles and rectangles are hit and miss.

I will add these shape activities on my “to do” list for him very soon.

Activity Mom 

Also, just found this from Team Umizoomi, a family favorite show

And this shape bulldozer as well.  Also inspired by Team Umizoomi

And this one since he loves school buses and there’s those great squares for windows.

Make his own colors and shapes book using these pics

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