Academic Goals

I saw this wonderful post  about goal setting and just loved the idea.  So, my plan for this week (the week prior to preschool starting) is for the boys to make a goals list.  I want them to make simple, easy to accomplish goals.  I want bigger goals that may not be accomplished in this year.  I want goals that may fall under the “what i want to do when i get bigger” goals.  I just want to know what they truly want to work towards.

So, I will start.  Here are my academic goals for my boys this year.

Academic Goals for R1 (age 5):

  1. writing all of his capital letters correctly, more times than not
  2. be able to write his entire name
  3. writing his Os the correct way, consistently
  4. know the sound of each letter
  5. know the sounds of blends
  6. know that y on the end of words usually says the long e sound
  7. know that when there is a cvce word that the “e” on the end makes the vowel say it’s name
  8. know that two vowels together means the first vowel says it’s name and the second is silent (when two vowels go a walking the first one does the talking)
  9. recognizing the difference in vowels and consonants
  10. telling time on the hour
  11. recognizing all coins and knowing their value
  12. add numbers 0-10 using manipulatives
  13. subtract numbers 0 -10 using manipulatives
  14. recognize numbers 0 – 100
  15. know the terms “total”, “equal”, “sum”, “difference”
  16. begin counting by skip counting by 10
  17. be able to cut corners and rounded edges with scissors
  18. recognize a sentence with capital letter and a period
  19. know the difference in a letter, word, and sentence
  20. learning one new vocabulary word each week
  21.  this post guided me and instead of just copying a large part of it; I’ll include it as a link.

NON academic goals for R1:

  1. tie his shoes
  2. use a vegetable peeler
  3. use a  use a knife, butter knife first, then paring knife to chop. Go here  for knife safety rules

R2 Academic Goals (age 3):

  1. recognize all his capital letters
  2. be able to write his first name
  3. know basic shapes
  4. count to ten using manipulatives
  5. recognize numbers 0-10
  6. know common animal sounds
  7. know what numbers 0 – 10 means/represents
  8. be able to make ABABAB patterns using manipulatives
  9. be able to hold scissors correctly to cut paper, consistenly
  10. be able to cut straight lines with scissors
  11. know colors

NON academic goals for R2:

  1. take his shirt off when undressing by himself
  2. be able to use a butter knife for smearing and spreading

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